God On A Budget

Have you noticed that the word budget has become a bad word in our society? You might here a consumer advocate or a news person talking about shopping on a budget and their point is doing less with more and buying generic and sale items. It’s almost as if being on a budget is less desirable than or somehow second place to just spending money without thought. Budget has been thrown in with cheap and thrifty and frugal and they are “alternative lifestyles”.


You might also here our beloved elected officials talk about budgets and you get this sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach from too many years of un-kept promises and outright lies. They have no clue what a real budget is and they throw it around like one of those games where you don’t want to be the one holding the box when the buzzer goes off. They have also tarnished the word budget.


Budget has become a bad word in our society. It’s just as sad a word in our Churches too. We have to talk about money every now and then in Church and it seems it always happens on the Sunday’s we have the most visitors, or at least the most “sensitive” visitors are present. Even from our constituency you hear the moans of “why do you always talk about money.” Fact is, we don’t always talk about money. We talk about it a whole lot less than Jesus did, which very well may be a sin on our part. But back to my point, even the well-tempered Church folk don’t want to hear anything about budgets or money.


A budget is merely an organizational plan expressed in monetary terms. See there, even I made it sound complicated. Let me make it clearer: a budget is a plan on how you spend your money. You can plan to buy generic or name brand. You can plan to get the latest and the greatest or you can plan to buy the closeout. It’s your plan, so make it out any way you like. Budget doesn’t have to mean less than, cheap or frugal. It just means you have a plan.


Thank goodness God has a plan. I am grateful for God’s plan even though His math isn’t all that great. I think I came out the winner in God’s budget. Certainly by now you have realized we are no longer talking about money. I fear many of us approach our “budget” with God the same way we approach our “budget” with our finances.


Where does God fit in your spiritual budget? Again, I am not talking about money. I am talking about your plan to make sure your priorities stay priorities; a plan that makes sure there is allotted time and resources to care for your soul! Don’t be cheap with your spirit. Don’t go for the generic when it comes to the inner-most parts of your being. Be lavish when it comes to the things of God. Be cutting edge when it comes to time and resources to meet with God and interact with God and sit with God in the high places. You do not want to come to the end of your spiritual budget and find out you didn’t spend enough on your relationship with God. God lavishes His love upon us in ways that often defy common sense. The very least we can do is use all the “sense” we have to make sure God is a priority in our spiritual budget.

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