Sense of Taste

Sense of Taste

Emotional vulnerability can come from any of our senses: what we see, what we smell, what we touch, what we taste or what we hear. Any of our senses can be faith killers if we let them. Emotional vulnerability can become spiritual vulnerability very quickly. God in us and living through us empowers us with the strength, wisdom and skill to understand and master these vulnerabilities.

Today I want to talk about gaining victory over our sense of taste. There is a story in II Kings 4 of a time of famine. People were doing what they could to find enough food to sustain them and if they could find something that tasted good in the process, they were feeling really good. The Bible said there was a pot of stew and one of the guys cooking it went out during the famine to find some herbs to flavor the stew but all he found was an old vine with bitter gourds on it. And so he cut them up and put them in the stew. The people began to eat and they discovered that the gourds had actually caused the stew to be poison. And so the prophet of God said, “Put some flour in the poison stew.”

For us we can say that flour represents the bread of life, which is the Word of God. And let me recommend that whatever is poison in your life, take some Word and put it in it. Is your marriage poisoned? Then add the bread of life to your marriage. Are your children not acting right? Then start praying back to God what God has already said to you in His Word.

Please try to understand this: Faith places no limitations on God, and God places no limitations on faith. Go ahead and say that out loud: Faith places no limitations on God, and God places no limitations on faith.

Take some flour, take God’s Word and put it into your poison. Instead of getting up every day and saying, “Well, I’m going to go to work, but I know I’m not going to get any business, I’m not going to sell anything, no contracts,” take the Word and put it in the stew. Get some scriptures and put it in your poison situation. You’ve got to get victory over taste.

Refuse to become bitter. You may have been hurt in life, but let me tell you, you get victory in your life when you can put your foot on that situation that Satan sent to make you bitter, to make you angry, to make you upset, tense, messed up, mad, and you put your foot on your sense of taste and you say, “I refuse to take bitterness in, because the power of Christ rests in me, I can forgive, I can love. I can be joyful.” That’s the power of a faith filled life.

I don’t know what you’re facing; I don’t know what the enemy is showing you, I don’t know what negative circumstances seem overwhelming. It doesn’t take a lot of faith, it just takes mustard seed sized faith, just a little faith. You don’t have to have great faith, just a little faith. We serve the God of more than enough? Take 5 minutes to add some “Word” to your life and to the situation that seems to defeat you. Let the truth of God speak to that situation and allow your heart and mind to be renewed and transformed. Keep adding the bread of life to your stew and it will no longer be poison. It may not taste the best, but what doesn’t kill you can definitely strengthen your soul.

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